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Lafayette Hill Locksmith Service Lafayette Hill, PA 610-973-5346Unpredictability is a part of life. Back in 1883, when a fire broke out in Victoria Hall, no one had ever predicted its possibility and hence, the lack of safety measures resulted in a loss of over 180 lives. Over time, the need to install adequate escape measures in buildings became evident, and today, nearly every building is expected to include measures for escape during contingencies. Push bars were bred out of a dire necessity to find a simple means of unlocking during an emergency.

The need for simpler locks

When a fire breaks out or during an earthquake, people often throw themselves into panic mode and make a mad rush for escape. During such situations, finding keys, or fumbling with locks will cause the crowd to stagnate at exits. A large number of people will not be able to make it out or worse, the inability to exit quickly may result in a stampede. Locks installed at emergency exits must be simple and easy to operate to facilitate easy escape during such distressful situations.

Why push bars?

Because they are simple and very easy to operate! This comprises of a horizontal spring-loaded mechanism. There are no keys, no bolts and no complicated locking mechanisms involved. All it takes is a push, and the door opens up, thus earning them the name – push bars. In an emergency, even if the person who reaches the door is unable to push the door open, the collective force exerted when the crowd throws itself on the door will do the job. Their sheer simplicity has made these components a standard across all building exits.

Consultation and installation services

Need new push bars installed? Lafayette Hill Locksmith Service can help you with that! We stock a huge range of products and can fit your premises with the best quality ones in a short span of time. Not complying with the standards and getting the exit locks fitted by a novice can invite hefty penalties from the authorities, if done wrong. And that’s why you must hire only the best.

Our experts are aware of the current building regulations in Lafayette Hill, PA area and can carry out free consultations. This involves assessing your premise’s specific exit requirements, advice on improving the current exit infrastructure, suggesting the right exit locks and installing the same.

We’re also available for contractual maintenance services to ensure that all your emergency exit systems are in perfect condition. If the push bars installed require repairs, we can restore them without requiring a replacement.

Arm your exits with high-quality push bars now! Call us on 610-973-5346!